Started in 2014, ROIA is built by hand.

Every Roia piece is consciously handcrafted, by telling a story piece by piece. It begins with a sheet of metal that is carefully fabricated and morphed to produce a wearable piece of art, using only traditional silver smithing techniques. We embrace being raw and organic in our design and that’s our signature!

"Every piece carries a story, Every piece is distinct."

Rohita Vee

ROIA is a one woman show creatively lead by Rohita Vee, an Engineer turned Jewellery designer/Metalsmith. She studied creative jewellery in London Jewellery School post her engineering, where she had trained in ten different mediums of jewellery. Her evolving designs find its inspiration from nature, art, history, travels and in the most mundane. She playfully blends her fantasy and reality to create wearable art solely with her ten fingers, that is influenced so much by the past yet keeping it modern.